Short History

Amongst the hustle and bustle, we'll show you a spot to relax. Ready? Squint your eyes, allowing yourself to take a daydreaming journey. If you're patient, you'll make out the folks - hearty farmers, women in bonnets, a blacksmith, a dry goods merchant. Oh, and do you see the mules? Honest Alley is a tribute to the honorable horse swappers of bygone days, who came here to trade these relentless creatures. A Gwinnett News-Herald article, dated August 4, 1899, announces an upcoming, four-day gathering of horse swappers, and promises "a royal good time" with Colonel William J. Oakes officiating as Mater of Ceremonies.

Now, look across the way toward the old courthouse square, where other deals and promises are being made...

Historic records indicate that the site was purchased by J. H. Oakes in 1914 and was the original site for the Oakes residence until 1945.

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