The Evolution of Honest Alley

Honest Alley Exchange is a tribute to the horse swappers (or mule traders) of bygone days, who made their transactions at this location. From the 1820s, when the original courthouse square was planned, along with the surrounding streets, emerged the center of Lawrenceville and Gwinnett - the place for commerce, politics and socializing.

The corner property is bordered by Crogan Street to the north, Chestnut Street to the east, and Honest Alley to the south. Historic records indicate that the site was purchased by J. H. Oakes in 1914 and used for the Oakes residence until 1945. A Gwinnett News-Herald article, dated August 4, 1899, announces an upcoming, four-day gathering of horse swappers, and promises "a royal good time" with Colonel William J. Oakes officiating as Mater of Ceremonies.

Among two structures on the property, the larger stone and concrete building was constructed for General Retail and Light Manufacturing. Since then, the building has been used for various retail businesses. The site also supported a taxi office in the 1960s and as a barber shop from the 1970s until the recent past.

Today's office, retail and restaurant development exhibits the small town character of yesteryear with functional qualities to accommodate the modern workplace. Workers and visitors, however, may choose to slow down the pace just a bit to visit and exchange news along the outdoor balcony and courtyard.

We are pleased to present such a unique and appealing environment for retail, office and restaurant space. Currently taking tenant reservations. Please contact us for information.

You are also invited to take an online tour of Honest Alley and the surrounding business district.

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